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July 28, 2015
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Carlisle ACT Radial 26x8x12

Load :  3 ply Radial
Size :  26x8x12
Catalog Number :  57A366
Description :  Carlisle ACT Radial ATV tires are designed with durable rubber compounds. Radial construction offers the ultimate in cut and impact resistance. Special tread patterns perform well for a variety of terrains.

  • All Conditions ATV Tire.
  • 3 ply tire with a max PSI of 7.
  • Designed for both wet and dry conditions.
  • Sidewall design ensures a smooth ride and the lug design keeps it quite.
  • OEM type radial ATV tire with great carrying capacity.
Reviews :  "These Carlisle ACT ATV tires did great in the dunes and hook up well on hard packed dirt roads and rock climbing."

"I will take the A.C.T's any day! I ride trails and in mud. I think they do very well in all the mud! The other may do better but you will pay more for them! When these need replaced I will more then likely replace with the same."

"I raced cross country on the A.C.T. tires and they did pretty good. Never had a flat! I have also done some drag racing on hard sand pack tracks and they did just fine there too."

"I run the Carlisle ACTs as well and really like them. We ride alot of gravel roads, trails and some mud and they have really held up and performed very well. I have over 4000 kms on them and they still look almost new. When these are up for replacement, I will get ACTs again for sure!"
ATO Price :  $109.95
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